Modern Slavery Statement


The British Health Store is committed to promoting ethical business practices and ensuring that modern slavery has no place in our operations or supply chain. This Modern Slavery Statement outlines the steps we have taken to address the risk of modern slavery within our organization and sets forth our commitment to eradicating this heinous practice.

Our Business

The British Health Store operates [], providing premium CBD insights and wellness information. We recognize the responsibility we have to ensure that our business and supply chain are free from any form of modern slavery.

Our Commitment

We are dedicated to preventing modern slavery and human trafficking within our operations. Our commitment includes:

Supply Chain Transparency

We seek transparency within our supply chain to identify and assess any risks of modern slavery. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure compliance with ethical and legal standards.

Supplier Due Diligence

We conduct due diligence on suppliers to evaluate their commitment to ethical practices, including the prohibition of modern slavery. Our procurement processes include assessments of suppliers’ labor practices.

Employee Training

We provide training to our employees to increase awareness of modern slavery and to ensure they understand their role in preventing and reporting any potential incidents.

Actions Taken

In pursuit of our commitment to combating modern slavery, we have taken the following actions:

Policy Development

We have developed and implemented policies that explicitly prohibit modern slavery within our organization and supply chain.

Supplier Engagement

We engage with our suppliers to ensure they adhere to ethical standards, including regular communication and assessments of their labor practices.

Monitoring and Reporting

We continuously monitor our operations and supply chain to identify and address any risks of modern slavery. We encourage the reporting of any concerns through our internal reporting mechanisms.

Future Steps

We are committed to ongoing improvement in our efforts to combat modern slavery. In the future, we plan to:

Enhance Due Diligence

Continue to enhance our due diligence processes to identify and mitigate the risk of modern slavery within our supply chain.

Collaborate with Stakeholders

Collaborate with industry stakeholders, NGOs, and government bodies to share best practices and further the collective effort to eradicate modern slavery.

Training and Awareness

Expand employee training and awareness programs to ensure that all members of our organization are well-informed about the risks of modern slavery.

Contact Information

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our Modern Slavery Statement or suspect any form of modern slavery within our operations or supply chain, please contact us at [email protected].